mardi 13 décembre 2011

Grunge Rocks

So in the early nineties a great music style emerge they called it Grunge mostly because its sounded like music who sould stay in a garage! But its that sound that made it big.... people wanted to hear something new something real and that what grunge music is about saying what people dont usually say.... the truth and what our society is becoming.....
So here is little Grunge inspiration and a few band names for the interested ones
- Nirvana ( Of course)
-Pearl Jam
-Smashing Pumpkins and more ....... And I love love love the grunge fashion style i even rock it quite often

I know their mostly Nirvana pictures but I can't help it I love them and so sould you...
No I think their one of the great bands that existed they did alot for music.... and even is Kurt Cobain din't have that great of a  voice the passion he had made everything goood!! And I still belive that Courtney INSANE Love is still responsable for KILLING HIM!!!!

lundi 12 décembre 2011

style inspiration!

She's an actress and we love love her style it's kinda of like if a cali surfer met a boho chic from New York! and we think she rocks it! Its a style much easier to wear in the summer.... and god knows we miss that wonderful season. We just can't wait till it comes back but before that we must sadly wait 4 more month. So we  can dream till then :)
So we like the hats and the fluide almost oversized printed dresses

Here we love love love the fur!! and the turban

vendredi 9 décembre 2011

Winter Boots!

The snow has finally arrived and that just means one thing you better have good boots or else you'll fall on your ass... and that might hurt and even more if your in front of a cute guy....
So here are a few ideas to be cute and safe this winter
 So here we have Sorels, hunters, uggs and more Enjoy! everything to be super cute :)

The man repeller rocking some sorel boots!

mercredi 7 décembre 2011

Sparklesss and glitter

With christmas arriving so fast so does fancy clothes and our favorite this year are Sparkles and Glitter!
and we like them on everything shoes, shorts, tops ,dresses and even on your nails... so go out shopping and treat yourself to a pre-christmas gift and buy some SPARKLESSS!!!!!
So here is a little glitter inspiration before you go shopping ;)

I absolutly want those shorts!!!!!! but maybe in black or silver......?!?!!

And coffee cause you'll probably need some after all that shopping and cause my addicted to it ;)

samedi 3 décembre 2011


We dont have any yet but it willl come!
 so here's a little inspiration..... and HOT GUYS SO ENJOY!!!!
cause guys with tattoos are hot!!!!